Veneers Denver


Veneers Denver

Your Guide to Dental Veneers:

To improve the appearance of your front teeth, you need dental veneers. They are thin, and customer made shells. If you have stained, chipped, and uneven teeth, a licensed dentist in veneers Denver clinic can hide them all.

Self-confidence or self-esteem can be affected by people who have damaged or discolored teeth. The appearance of the teeth can help improve by using dental veneers.

For people who are not satisfied with other dental treatments, such as teeth whitening, braces, or retainers, dental veneers can be beneficial to them, especially if the patient wants a long term solution.

During the procedure, the dentist will remove a thin protective outer layer covering the enamel. The dentist then will put the veneers, and the patient cannot take them out or choose not to utilize them.

Veneers Denver

Types of Veneers

Porcelain veneers. Strong veneers are placed on the top and side of the teeth. Before placing the veneers, the dentist will remove some enamel from the patient’s tooth. The color of the veneers can be the same as your natural teeth, veneers Denver clinic can brighten your smile. Porcelain veneers are more expensive and will last around twenty years. It will not stain and less likely to chip or fracture. This type of veneer can give you a more natural, tooth-like appearance.

Resin-based composite veneers. This type of veneer is less expensive and requires less enamel removal. Every so often, the dentist can put the composite veneer even without the removal of any enamel. They are easier to replace if broken or damaged. The lifetime of resin-based composite veneers is just around five years. It may stain over time and more likely to chip or break in the long run.

Veneers, Crown, and Implants, what are their differences?

All of these dental procedures can help you improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth. The only difference would be the area of the tooth in which they cover. For the front tooth, dental veneers mainly target that area. On the other hand, to cover the entire tooth to include the front, back, and all sides, you need crowns. The teeth covered by the crown are strengthened.

To replace the missing teeth, you need the help of implants. To secure a crown in the mouth, the dentist may use an implant if necessary. This would be a worst-case scenario if the patient is missing a tooth or it is irreplaceable because it is too badly damaged and requires extraction. Fundamentally, a licensed dentist uses crowns if your teeth are severely damaged, while implants restore missing teeth. If your teeth are intact and would just enhance the appearance, veneers can help you with that.

Veneers Denver

Are you a candidate to have veneer teeth?

Evaluation and all available treatment options for oral health should be discussed with the dentist. The treatment is permanent, so it is vital to discuss any alternatives that can provide the same result but with minimal to zero tooth formation. First and foremost, keep in mind your objectives and why you are doing this during the consultation. To meet your expectation during the consultation, you have to proactively share your preferences, including the length, shape, width, and color of the veneers that the clinic is presenting to you as it may affect the appearance of your smile after the procedure.


It would depend on the number of teeth a patient needs to cover and the expertise of the dentist performing the course of action. According to veneers Denver clinic, their patient can expect to pay between $900 to 2,200 per tooth. This price range is estimated and can vary upon consultation, and they have a special promo for porcelain veneers in Denver.

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