Pediatric Dentistry Denver Co


Pediatric Dentistry Denver Co

What is a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists complete a program that focuses on treating children in Denver who needs gentle care. Pediatric Dentistry Denver CO is allocated to the children’s oral health from infancy to the teen years. They are qualified and experienced to care for a child’s teeth, gums, and mouth all through the different stages of childhood.

Children start to get their baby teeth during the first six months of life. By the age of 6 or 7, they begin to lose their first set of teeth and eventually be replaced by permanent teeth. Children may face oral decay and illness that may cause a lifetime of pain and complications if they have proper dental care. And some infectious dental disease is more common in children than asthma and hay fever.

Pediatric Dentistry Denver Co

What Treatment Do They Do?

Pediatric Dentistry Denver Co provides the following comprehensive oral health care:

  • Infant oral health exam, including risk evaluation for caries in mother and child

  • Preventive dental care includes cleaning and fluoride treatment and nutrition and diet recommendations.

  • Habit counseling

  • Early assessment and treatment for correcting an improper bite and straightening teeth,

  • Repair of tooth defects and cavities

  • Management of gum diseases and condition such as ulcers, mucoceles, short frenulum, and pediatric periodontal disease

  • Diagnosis of oral conditions associated with diabetes, asthma, congenital heart defect, hay fever, attention deficit, or hyperactivity disorder.

  • Care for dental injuries

What Are The Benefits They Offer To Children?

Children’s dentist in Denver, CO, focuses on oral health; he helps children prevent and treat tooth decay and other diseases. He also teaches parents and other dental experts on how best to treat children. And he is an expert at explaining procedures to children and establishing trust with their young patients.

The following are the method used by pediatric dentists to communicate with their young patients:

  1. Positive reinforcement- the dentist praises the patient for good behavior, like following directions and sitting still.

  2. Tell-Show-Do- the dentist explains the treatment so the child can understand, show them the treatment in a simple manner, and then start the procedure.

  3. Tone- the dentist use a friendlier or soothing tone so that the patient will trust him and demystify an appointment.

Pediatric Dentistry Denver Co

Pediatric Dentistry vs. Family Dentistry

General or Family Dentist in Denver, CO, is a dentist for all ages, which means he does not have any particular specialty. The dentist has finished four years of undergraduate education and four years of dental school, including in-class training and hands-on learning in dental clinics. He is qualified to do most dental procedures such as fillings, crowns, cosmetic dentistry, and other dental services. He can give dental care to all ages of patients; however, he does not have the same depth of knowledge and training in pediatric dentistry.

While a pediatric dentist focuses on child dental care, and they rarely treat adult patients. He is specialized in treating children’s dental problem and usually exclusively provide care to kids. A pediatric dentist must gain his DMD or DDS degree and then proceed to a post-graduate pediatric residency program, which generally takes between 2 to 3 years. He will be a certified pediatric dentist and start practicing when he completes the program and passes all remaining state requirements and examinations.

Need a Pediatric Dentist In Denver?

For your child’s best care, visit a Pediatric Dentistry in Denver, CO. Our team has been helping children in Denver prevent and treat any oral problems. We have the skills, expertise, and technology needed to provide your child with the best preventive dental care.

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