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Oral Surgeon Denver

What is an Oral Surgeon?

An oral surgeon is a specialized dentist trained to handle facial pain, dental implants, and restorative surgical procedures like wisdom teeth removals. He can also treat tooth and facial injuries such as broken or knocked-out teeth and broken jaws. As well as oral cancers and can perform facial cosmetic surgeries.

Oral surgeons are also called maxillofacial surgeons and jaw surgeons. A jaw surgeon in Denver is trained to identify, diagnose, and prevent problems and diseases that affect the mouth, teeth, gums, and jaw. At Oral Surgeon Denver, our team has the skills, knowledge, and experience in treating and performing oral surgery.

Oral Surgeon Denver

What are the Common Types of Oral Surgery?

Some of the common oral surgeries are:

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

When wisdom teeth emerge or if they are retained, they can be problematic. Some of these problems are chronic infections from the tissue around the wisdom teeth (pericoronitis) and tooth decay caused by food impaction. The pain connected to pericoronitis can be relieved by removing the wisdom teeth. Patients that are struggling with wisdom teeth are usually referred to oral maxillofacial surgeons.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a long-term solution for those who have tooth loss. The primary benefit of a dental implant is its realistic look and longevity that often last a lifetime.

Jaw Surgery

Some people experience an improperly aligned jaw, and their maxilla or mandible will be advanced or retruded to fix a severe malocclusion. This procedure is done as a last option to correct a skeletal malalignment. And it is required to wear traditional braces during and after the procedure. Through jaw surgery, the patient will improve his/her appearance and the ability to masticate.


This oral surgery refers to the various aesthetic procedures, including veneers or bridges(fixed) or dentures (removable), the reshaping or individual teeth to accept crowns, and the surgical insertion of dental implants. This surgery offers aesthetic and functional benefits for patients.

Tooth Extractions

This procedure is the removal of a tooth or teeth. There are several reasons why a tooth or teeth, such as tooth damaged, has caused an infection, the patient’s mouth is crowded, or for aesthetic purposes.

Oral Surgeon Denver

Benefits of Oral Surgeon

Oral Surgeon Denver offers several benefits for the patients. Whether you need help with a problematic tooth, dental implants, improvement for an unhealthy jawbone, or otherwise, we can improve your smile through our treatments.

Long-Term Tooth Replacement

Patients with a problem with missing teeth have several options to address their tooth loss. You may choose a bridge or denture where the dentist will restore your tooth’s crown; however, the roots will not be replaced. Our team guarantees you a long-lasting tooth replacement and a stable solution.

Prevent Significant Damage

For a progressive problem, you will need oral surgery, as the issue will eventually worsen unless you treat it, for instance, a jawbone deterioration. There will be a replacement of tissue with bone grafting to prevent the problem from progressing and causing significant damage in this condition.

Treat the Problem

An oral surgeon can treat the actual underlying issue that affects your oral health instead of merely dealing with the symptom. Instead of suggesting to take pain relievers and deal with jaw issues, Oral Surgeon Denver will perform jaw surgery to fix the problem by correcting your jaws.

Why Choose Oral Surgeon Denver?

The team at Oral Surgeon Denver strives to improve the oral health and beauty of smiles in the area of Denver. With the skills, knowledge, and technology needed in oral surgeries, we guarantee you the best oral health care. Contact us today for a consultation with our best oral surgeon.

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